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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

The PowerPro EL ranges are Static Inverter Systems designed specifically for emergency lighting applications according to European BS EN50171, EN50272, BS 5266 and ICEL 1009.

A highly versatile range, not only providing capacity up to 300kVA but also a comprehensive bespoke range of AC/DC Central Battery Units with normally 24V, 48V and 110V options, allowing BPC to provide an all-inclusive selection of reliable and cost effective products to meet the most challenging of lighting applications.

BPC PowerPro EL300DSP Emergency Lighting Inverter range available from 500VA to 300kVA with BSI Kitemark is now approved with UAE Civil Defence.
BSI Kitemark provides assurance that samples are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent testing to ensure that they comply with stringent standards for quality, safety, product performance and reliability. The Kitemark is therefore BPC's commitment towards maintaining the highest possible standards.

Typical Applications

» Escape Route Lighting
» Open Area Lighting
» Sporting Grounds and Stadiums
» Railway Stations
» Ministry of Defence
» Industrial Applications
» Distribution Centres
» Theatres
» Cinemas
» Public Buildings
» Civil Buildings


PowerPro EL Range Options / Accessories

• Remote Alarm Panel – External panel for monitoring the Static Inverter
• Output Distribution – Internal distribution of the lighting circuits, standard in EL100XA, multiple outputs are optional
• Maintenance Bypass Panel – to provide flexibility during maintenance, service and/or repairs to the equipment. The bypass can ensure that the system is isolated from the critical load whilst work can be carried out.
• Phase Failure Monitoring – Factory fitted relays to ensure that the system monitors all three phases. Failure of any phase activates the emergency lights
• Sub-Circuit Monitoring – Factory fitted relays monitor external lighting circuits, if any of the external circuits fail the emergency lights are activated
• Lighting Control Interface – Allows communication via a node/module to the testing and monitoring systems
• Fire Alarm Monitoring – An alarm condition from the fire alarm panel will activate the emergency lights
• Night-Watchman Switch – Enables switching of the emergency lights from a remote location, fail safe in an emergency condition
• Light Switch Control Relay – Enables individual circuits to be controlled externally, fail safe in an emergency condition
• Timer Control – Solar dials or 24hr timers can be used to activate the non-maintained contactor
• Earth Fault Alarm – Monitoring of battery positive and negative for earth leakage
• Plinth – For sites that are using SWA cables, a plinth may be required to raise the unit off the floor and allow the cables to be easily installed.

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