PowerPrime Three Phase UPS

Three Phase Input & Output - On-line Double Conversion UPS

10kVA - 60kVA

The PowerPrime is the ultimate in Three Phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) design with a full range of options and accessories to meet the demands of sophisticated network environments, ideally suited for mission critical applications such as vital servers, network and telecommunication equipment.

The PowerPrime professional UPS range uses state of the art technology and components to provide maximum network protection where the load is continuously supplied by the inverter with a filtered and stabilised waveform and frequency to the highest standards.

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  • Mission Critical Applications
  • ECO mode for energy saving
  • Multiple Communication Ports & Options
  • Long Runtime


PowerPrime UPS have an advanced colour touch 5 inch screen providing precise LCD displays with real time mimic status and parameter readings via the intelligent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controller. Touch either of the control, measure, setting, information or data log sub menu icons to enter into various sub screens.


The PowerPrime Dual Feed Input design increases the levels of reliability and availability of the UPS system which is more commonly found in larger systems. Dependability is ensured by providing from the same source a secondary path for the bypass supply to eliminate the risk of any problems with the incoming rectifier input. This superior protection allows the load to be supplied directly from the mains power source.


The USB communication port can be used to locally monitor the UPS system. Internal slot is provided for SNMP communication.
8 output dry ports and 6 input dry ports are provided as standard to allow further communication with UPS.


The BPC philosophy is both simple and elegant with each model provided parallel ready. The UPS can be connected together without any requirement to install further control circuits into the UPS system. BPC would always recommend installing one of our parallel switch panels to provide correct cable protection and aid all ongoing maintenance. Models can be used in simple parallel operation with up to 4 units, allowing scalability for increased power capacity and improved reliability due to the redundancy operation.


For mission critical applications requiring longer runtimes or higher specification batteries, PowerPrime UPS employ an internal intelligent charging system with up to 12 Amps (18A on 60kVA model) configured by the front touch screen. Additional matching battery cabinets can easily be added and have been designed both technically and aesthetically to complement the UPS, forming a combined unit which can be easily positioned.


The PowerPrime system has an easy connection port for direct interface to an EMBS (External Maintenance Bypass Switch). This connection allows a fast communication with the internal static switch should the EMBS be closed when the UPS is operating on inverter. The EMBS connection provides security against the external switchgear being operated incorrectly. This feature helps to protect the UPS during all operations.


The PowerPrime 10kVA and 20kVA single phase output models have configurable input terminal connections and is provided with multifunctional jumpers to allow either single phase or three phase input connections. All PowerPrime models are fitted with large connection terminals and secure gland plates to allow secure cable connection to the UPS.



Intelligent battery management combined with exceptional 95.5% DC/AC inverter efficiency means that PowerPrime battery sizing is optimised and greater runtimes are achieved. Maximum battery care is maintained by a three level charging system to achieve the best performance and operating life possible. Unique self learning function predicts more accurate backup autonomy and improves the information for the user.

  • True On Line Double Conversion
  • 1/1, 1/3, 3/3 configuration depending on model
  • Advanced touch screen display
  • High AC/AC efficiency up to 96.6%
  • Intelligent event history / 500 alarm logs
  • Unity output power factor
  • Wide input voltage (100V 300V)
  • Smart battery management
  • Larger internal charger for long runtimes
  • Parallelable up to 4 units as standard
  • Standard dual feed configuration
  • Adjustable internal battery voltage
  • Digital signal (DSP) technology
  • Multiple communication ports
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • Matching battery cabinets


The 20kVA models and above have the flexibility to configure battery voltages. Internal battery options usually have either 32 (16+16) pcs or 40 (20+20) pcs that can be configured with matching battery cabinets. Depending on application and runtime requirements, external batteries can be configured with battery variations from 32 (16+16) pcs to 40 (20+20) pcs.



The PowerPrime system offers one of the smallest footprints available on the market, providing exceptional power density of 156KW/m³ at 40kVA/40kW capacity with battery in one cabinet, for the ever space conscious IT manager.



Part of the unique design of the PowerPrime is to improve the performance in extreme site conditions with a wide input voltage window, ranging from 110 Volts up to 300 Volts, without the need for the system to transfer into Battery Mode, thus not only improving the efficiency of the system, but also maximising the life of the battery.


Power Rating kVA/kW 10kVA/10kW 20kVA/20kW 30kVA/30kW 40kVA/40kW 60kVA/60kW
Nominal Voltage 3 x 380/400/415VAC (3PH+N)
Voltage Range - Low Line 110 VAC(PH+N) ±3% at 50% load 176 VAC (PH+N) ±3% at 100% load
Voltage Range - High Line 300 VAC(PH+N) ±3% at 50% load 276 VAC (PH+N) ±3% at 100% load
Frequency Range 46-54Hz at 50Hz / 56-64Hz at 60Hz (auto sensing)
Phase 3 Phase with Neutral
Power Factor ≥ 0.99 at 100% Load
Phase 3 Phase with Neutral
Nominal Output 380/400/415 VAC (Ph-Ph) and 220/230/240 VAC (Ph+N)
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) ±1%
Frequency Range (Synchronised Range) 46-54Hz or 56-64Hz
Frequency Range (Battery Mode) 50Hz ±0.1Hz or 60Hz ±0.1Hz
Overload 100%-110%: 60 mins; 110%-125%: 10mins; 125%-150%: 1 min; >150% : 400ms
Current Crest Factor 3:1 max
Harmonic Distortion

≤2% @ 100% Linear Load ; ≤5% @ 100% Non Linear Load

Transfer Time Zero
Output Power Factor 1
AC Mode ›95.5%
ECO Mode 98.5%
Battery Mode ›94.5%
Battery Type VRLA AGM Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free Batteries
Battery Numbers (internal) 20 (10+10) pcs
(up to 2 strings 40pcs)
40 (20 + 20) pcs  32 (16 + 16) pcs  External batteries only
Battery Numbers (external) 16 (8+8) to 20 (10+10) pcs 32 (16 + 16) to 40 (20+20) pcs
Recharge Time 9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Current (Max.) 1 to 12A (adjustable via the display) 18A

Nominal Charging Voltage***

±136.5 VDC 1% ±273 VDC ±1% ±218 VDC ±1% ±273 VDC ±1%
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (the battery life will be effected above 25°C)
Operating Humidity ›95% and non-condensing
Operating Altitude <1000m**
Acoustic Noise Level <55db 1="" metre="" --55db--=""> <58db 1="" metre="" --58db--=""> <65db 1="" metre="" --65db--=""> <65db 1="" metre="" td=""> <70db 1="" metre="" td="">
Smart RS232 or USB Supports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8/10, Linux, Unix, and MAC
Dimensions (WxDxH) 250 x 730 x 827 300 x 815 x 1007 300 x 945 x 1007
Net Weight (kg) 46 47 56 60 74

** If the UPS is installed or used in a place where the altitude is above than 1000m, the output power must be Derated 1% per 100m.

*** Nominal Charge Voltage is for internal battery options. For external battery charge voltage, see user manual

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Note for parallel operation Derate capacity to 90%

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