Environmental Monitoring


Intelligent Power Management

BPC Energy offer a wide range of networking options for all applications, including Simple Networking Management Protocol (SNMP) Cards, Environmental Monitoring and MODBUS Adaptors.

Easy to install, these networking options can be used alongside the BPC UPS and Static Inverter portfolio.


SNMP cards are used for the management of UPS systems via a computer or local network. With a web based programme built into the SNMP, simply connecting the card to a network via its LAN port allows for easy monitoring of the UPS. SNMP cards can be used not only to monitor UPS parameters, but also allow user controlled testing, email alerts and sending of remote console commands to client systems to initiate automatic
shutdowns. SNMP cards can be fitted internally on some UPS models or externally fitted via the UPS RS232 port.


BPC can provide enhanced environmental monitoring using the NetFeeler 2 alongside your SNMP card. It can detect variations in temperature, humidity, and presence of water as standard, with optional add-ons as listed below:

  • Wireless smoke sensor
  • Wireless gas sensor
  • Wireless door / window sensor
  • Wireless glass-break sensor
  • Wireless infrared sensor
  • Wireless PIR sensor
  • Flashlight

When an event occurs, the NetFeeler 2 alarm will buzz and can be configured to simultaneously send an email through the SNMP card. When connected to an SNMP Card it can provide environmental status feedback via the internet using a standard browser and can support up to 7 individual ID/sensors


Allows two devices to be connected to a single RS232 serial communication port on a UPS. It can be used when a separate Intelligent Power Management interface and Remote Monitoring Panel are both required.


BPC have a wide range of MODBUS/BUS adaptors that support RS485 and TCP/IP connectivity to ensure the device provides continuous, reliable, and accurate network monitoring of the UPS system through a Building Management System (BMS).


Using a BPC RSC 24 you are able to convert the RS232 interface to RS485. Should be used if the distance between UPS and its receiving interface exceeds 20 metres.


With a Multi-interface slot, various communication combinations are selectable including additional RS232, Relay Cards, USB, Dry-Contact Relays, and customised packages.


When connected to advanced SNMP cards the GSM MODEM can send SMS alerts via a telephone sim card.

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