Virtual Service

24/7 Remote Monitoring Solution

BPC Virtual Service continuously communicates with a BPC UPS or Static Inverter to provide a 24/7 monitoring solution anywhere in the world. All communication transfers to the UK based control centre where data is analysed by experienced and qualified engineers.

If an anomaly or fault should occur, the BPC controller will investigate and determine what action should be taken. The controller will mobilise an engineer or make contact with a local based service partner and provide all necessary details to report direct to the customer.

Virtual Service from BPC provides the highest customer security by ensuring one way communication with site. The power device requires only a BPCVS-SNMP card connected directly to the local network to allow monitoring.

The virtual service system has the ability to monitor multiple power devices:

  • UPS Systems
  • Static Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Static Transfer Switches
  • Generators
  • Environmental Sensors
  • DC Systems

The BPC Virtual Service works in tandem with your existing service contract and Battery Analysis and Care System (BACS), improving service levels and mean time to repair by allowing the engineer to arrive on site with the correct equipment and spares.

  • 24 hour continuous monitoring and management of your power device
  • Business critical loads protected by dedicated and highly skilled personnel
  • Prevention and early detection before fault occurs
  • Ideal for mission critical systems and unmanned sites
  • Annual reports provide in depth details of readings and events


Depending on the level of virtual service required, annual or monthly reports are provided which detail the captured readings and events.


The virtual service control centre is continuously monitoring the steady pulse being sent by the power device. If the power device heart-beat stalls or stops, the BPC controller is made aware and contacts the necessary party to investigate.

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