Security CCTV

A UPS supports a security CCTV system by providing temporary backup power in the event of a power outage. This can help to ensure that the CCTV system continues to function, even when there is a loss of power from the primary source. This can be important in a security application, as it can help to prevent the loss of video footage or other critical data. Without a UPS, the CCTV system would shut down when the power goes out, potentially leaving a gap in the recorded footage and making it difficult to identify what happened during the outage.

Additionally, a UPS can help to protect the CCTV system from power fluctuations and brownouts, which can cause damage to sensitive equipment or affect the quality of the video feed. By regulating the power going to the CCTV system, a UPS can help to maintain a stable power source and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Also it could help by providing a way to gracefully shutdown the system in case power is lost for a prolonged period, which can reduce the chance of data loss or corruption and possible damage to the cameras or DVRs.

Typical Applications

  • Retail and commercial
  • Industrial and warehouses
  • Public transportation
  • Government and municipal
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Residential and Community
  • Critical Infrastructure

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