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Central Battery Systems (CBS)

Discover the power and convenience of a central battery system and unlock its potential to support your lighting, fire safety, and emergency backup systems.

Emergency lighting is a critical safety feature that must be provided in any building or facility to ensure swift and safe evacuation in case of an emergency. Emergency lighting is required by law and it is vital that all systems comply with British Standard EN 50171.

BPC Energy Ltd has emergency lighting solutions to meet all Central Battery Emergency Lighting Systems and Central Battery Unit applications, including escape route lighting, open area lighting, and high-risk task area lighting. Our PowerPro EL range of Static Inverter Systems are designed specifically for emergency lighting applications. These systems are designed to provide bright, reliable light for long-term use, even in the event of a power outage. They come with a variety of features that make them ideal for a wide range of applications, such as dimming controls and remote monitoring capability.

Our Static Inverter Systems are designed specifically for emergency lighting applications with a wide choice of power ratings, accessories and Automatic Testing Solutions which comply with the following European Standards:

EL100XA Series - A compact series of Single Phase input & output Static Inverters ranging from 500VA – 3kVA

ELMOD Series - Single and Three Phase input & Single Phase output Static Inverter ranging from 4kVA – 24kVA with hot-swappable modules

EL300DSP - High performance Three Phase input & output Static Inverters ranging from 10kVA to 160kVA. This range is available with BSI Kitemark which is approved with the UAE Civil Defence.

BSI Kitemark provides assurance that samples are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent testing to ensure that they comply with stringent standards for quality, safety, product performance and reliability. The Kitemark is therefore BPC Energy's commitment towards maintaining the highest possible standards.

Choosing the right Static Inverter to support your Emergency Lighting System requirement will depend on a number of key factors; it is essential that the correct system is provided for the type of installation.

BPC manufacture and distribute a wide range of UPS and related power protection products aimed at the Computer Networking, Telecom, Midrange Computer, Emergency Lighting and Three Phase sectors of the market.

BPC are proud to supply

UPS Systems Trescal DAS Stannah Channel Lighting & Safety Edmundson Fairline Pei-Delta Scientechnic H&S Aviation RDF Lighting