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Industrial Applications

Power protection range for specialised applications for industrial and more harsh environments. Including customised systems for AC/DC & Hybrid use.

Industrial applications require a high level of power protection. This is especially true for specialised environments, such as oil and gas, mining, and power generation. In these applications, it is vital that the equipment is able to withstand the harsh conditions and operate reliably. It is also important to have a reliable supply of electricity, so that the equipment can be kept running.

Power protection systems are designed to provide this type of protection. These systems can be customised to meet the specific needs of an industrial application, providing the necessary level of power protection in a variety of different ways. For example, some systems may include battery backups or grid-tied inverters to ensure that the equipment has access to enough electricity even when the power source is not available. Others might use advanced electronic control systems to optimise power usage and improve efficiency.


Whatever type of system is selected, industrial applications need a reliable way to ensure that the equipment operates efficiently and effectively.

BPC offers a wide range of standard and customised DC power supply systems using the modular rectifier technology. All systems are scalable, redundant and can be configured according to the customer's requirements. Due to the hot swappable technology, all systems have high availability and can be updated to the actual power requirement during operation. This guarantees long-lived DC power supplies without any interruption of the load supply.

The PowerPro UPS technology can be combined with modular DC power supplies to provide an effective hybrid AC/DC power supply system. It is designed to give both UPS and DC outputs with all the fexibility and adaptability needed.

This modern, compact hybrid AC/DC system has an enviable reputation in consistent reliability, ease of installation and maintenance making it ideal for telecommunications, instrumentation, industrial, defence, medical and process control applications.

The BPC range of switch tripping and closing duty, fully automatic battery charger systems provide a reliable and robust solution for all your switch-gear tripping requirements. Utilising the latest high effciency switch-mode technology, these systems are suitable for continuous charging of all common battery types, such as sealed lead acid VRLA / AGM, GEL, fooded lead acid and Nickel Cadmium.

Conventional or intelligent multi-stage charging profles are utilised to ensure maximum battery life and all systems are designed for permanent connection to the batteries, maintaining them in a fully charged condition without overcharging.

The PowerPrem Outdoor 2kVA UPS is designed to keep your system operational in adverse conditions specifcally for harsh environments and operating temperatures from -40°C to +70°C. The system is a robust unit complete with an LCD display panel providing control, measurements and fault analysis.

Solutions for both rectifer and battery charging applications are based on modular primary switched mode power systems with a compact design and very high power density. The compact modules enable a lot of new application felds in industrial environments, especially in constricted installation facilities.

All systems have the capability for further modules to be added in parallel operation resulting in high-grade fexibility and reliability by providing N+1

BPC inverters are very robust units with a high overload ability likely to be used in rugged industrial environments and in offshore applications.

The 19” versions have connectors at the rear. On demand, several inverters can be connected in parallel operation in order to increase the power or to increase the availability (redundant operation). Additional electronic bypass switches can be used for a further increase in capability of AC power supply systems.

BPC has an excellent range of super-silenced, high-specifcation generators which are very competitively priced and designed for all installation types.

BPC’s product range includes diesel powered generating sets from 5kVA to 3000kVA single or three phase, low or medium voltage and are available for a wide range of applications.

BPC can provide customised outdoor cabinet designed and adapted to suit all your specification and requirements. 

Using high quality materials, all standard versions are sandblast and water blast proof, with a protection degree that can reach IP55. A variety of options and accessories are available including bespoke air conditioning and anti heaters if required.

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