PAVA 210 x 145.7mm 5

Public Address Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA)

Public Address Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA) are critical components of fire safety infrastructure that offer distinct emergency announcements and evacuation directives to the entire facility during emergencies. PAVA systems are commonly integrated with fire detection systems and linked to central control rooms, where trained personnel monitor the situation and activate the system when necessary.

These systems can be manually activated via control room buttons or automatically triggered by the fire detection system. They can be powered by internal sources, such as standby generators or battery banks, or external sources, such as grid power supplies. This adaptable power supply system ensures the continuity of PAVA operations, even if the primary power source is lost, allowing for timely and effective evacuation instructions in large and highly populated buildings.

During emergencies, the PAVA system provides clear and concise messages to the entire building, providing guidance and information for safe evacuation. As a result, PAVA systems are essential tools for managing fire safety in public buildings.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, PAVA systems must be appropriately installed, maintained, and tested regularly. Moreover, it is essential to train employees to use the PAVA system during emergencies. By doing so, occupants can receive accurate and timely evacuation instructions, resulting in an orderly and safe evacuation.

Typical Applications

  • Public buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • High-rise buildings
  • Theatres and entertainment venues
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Industrial control rooms
  • Sporting grounds

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