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Expert Professional Inverter
Expert Professional Inverter
Home Office ICT Inverter
Smart Home Inverter
PowerGem Inverter


Single Phase Input & Output

Simulated and Pure Sinewave Systems

Compact Inverter designs for both home and office applications with selectable range of input/output voltages.

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  • Solar
  • Green
  • Compact


The BPC Home Office ICT Inverter is a compact design for home and office appliances. It has a selectable wide input voltage switch for flexibility, overload and short circuit protection, providing a green substitute for generators without air pollution.


The BPC Smart Home Inverter is connected to batteries and the main electrical source at the same time. With mains power the system is designed to charge the batteries and store power, where there is a mains failure, the inverter converts to DC to AC to power the loads. Ideal source of energy when conventional power is not available. 


The BPC Expert Professional Inverter combines functions of an inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power. The LCD display offers comprehensive user-configurable information such as battery charging current, AC/Solar charger priority, and acceptable input voltage depending on the application.


The PowerGem Inverter from BPC is designed for sustaining much larger autonomy batteries for applications where the mains power supply is unreliable and expected to be absent for long periods of time. 

Combined with internal super-chargers and an intelligent LCD display, the Inverter is able to convert DC to AC and replenish the energy back in the battery quickly and efficiently.

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