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BPC Energy are an ISO Approved Company

BPC Energy are proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 approved training company. The ISO stipulates quality management principles, which reassures our clients that our company has established a proper Quality Management System. Moreover, it means that the products and services delivered by our company are of international-quality; aligned with different companies all over the world.

ISO Quality Management Systems (QMS)
A Quality Management System (QMS) refers to the sets of policies, procedures and other records that serves as a guide as to how a company delivers products and services. The QMS is an entire system that is defined by documents that illustrate and report the policies and procedures that promote the quality of our company’s products and services. The QMS also details the training that is needed for the continuous growth and improvement of employees through trainings. Our employees play an integral role in how our organization works, so it is important to ensure their professional growth within our business.

Benefits of an ISO Certification

Customer Satisfaction – To satisfy a customer’s requirements, BPC Energy must first identify our market and its needs. By having insight regarding the needs of our industry, we are able to continuously deliver products and services that fulfill the needs of our customers.

Integration of Internal Policies and Procedures – Collating all Quality Managements Systems (QMS) documents and having it certified as compliant by ISO is a way of ensuring BPC Energy streamlines our processes and procedures.

Improved Company Image and Reputation – Having this certification puts BPC Energy in the ranks of other companies from around the world that follow the same quality standards.

Company Culture that is Aimed Towards Continuous Improvement – BPC Energy complies with the ISO 9001:2015 procedures that aim to improve products and services; we also aim to promote the professional development of our employees and our company culture.

Opportunities for Partnerships – Obtaining ISO-certification means that BPC Energy meets international standards of practice, there are certain companies that make ISO certification a requirement to become an accredited supplier within their organization.

ISO 9001:2015 is a highly sought-after certification. Although the task is challenging, it ensures that BPC Energy has the necessary documentary requirements to comply with the international standard set by ISO and is a sure signal of the quality we provide.

You can find out more about this certification here or contact our knowledgable team by calling +44 (0)1794 521200 or email 

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