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BPC Energy Launches Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS)

BPC are proud to announce the launch of our range of Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) products. This unique range offers » Patient safety » Absolute reliability » Power availability

BPC Energy range of Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) products are electrical Medical IT systems which are isolated from earth and enable insulation maintenance faults to be monitored. These MIPS systems are used in Medical Group 2 locations, according to HTM06-01-2017, to minimise risk of failure so that, in the event of a first fault to earth, supply continuity is maintained.

The purpose of MIPS products are:

  • Providing PATIENT safety
  • Reducing electrical shock hazard
  • Reducing tripping of breakers during earth fault
  • Providing monitoring and alarms for normal and abnormal conditions

BPC Energy MIPS products are suitable for medical locations like - Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Rooms, MRI Rooms, Recovery Rooms and Therapy Rooms.

For more information about this product range, download our brochure HERE

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