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Ensuring Patient Safety & Regulatory Compliance in Medical/Healthcare Facilities:

In the healthcare industry, ensuring a safe, continuous, and dependable power supply is paramount. Traditional electrical systems, while effective in many settings, pose a significant risk to vulnerable patients in medical environments.

This blog post dives deep into the critical role of Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) systems and how BPC Energy's solutions empower healthcare facilities to prioritise patient safety and meet stringent regulations.

Why Traditional Power Systems Fall Short in Healthcare

Standard electrical systems connect to earth, creating a live-neutral-earth configuration. However, for critically ill patients, even minor electrical faults can cause life-threatening shocks due to reduced body resistance.

Initially, continuity of supply in the event of an earth fault must be provided. Patients in hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, are often at higher risk from electric shock because of a reduction in body resistance due to a variety of medical conditions. Quite low currents, of the order of only a few milliamps (mA), can cause fatal electric shock. Therefore, provisions must be made to mitigate these risks and provide protection against any possible electrical leakage currents. This reduces the risk of a shock hazard occurring, ensuring the protection of patients and hospital staff.

There may also be a risk of failure of the electrical supply, with potentially life-threatening consequences. Areas, where applied parts (i.e. electrical equipment in direct physical contact with the patient) and failure of the electrical supply may create a danger to the patient's life, are defined in BS 7671:2018 Medical Locations.

A secondary power supply is critical to ensuring that patient safety is maintained in the event of power failure. Even a momentary drop in power in the event of mains failure could have catastrophic consequences as it could result in the shutdown of medical devices, interruptions to critical operations, and risk to patient's life… medical locations cannot afford to risk this!

Most hospitals and medical facilities have backup generators on-site, but in medical locations such as Group 2, further resilience is required.

In Group 2 medical locations:

  • An IT system must be used for the final circuits
  • The system must be equipped with insulation monitoring
  • In case of a fault or a failure of supply, a total loss of power in a Group 2 medical location shall be prevented

These requirements can be generally satisfied by installing a suitable Medical Isolated Power System (MIPS).

To address this issue, advanced technologies such as Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) systems are used to enhance patient safety standards by providing an isolated power source for medical devices, minimising electrical hazards, reducing the risk of electric shock and an uninterruptible power delivery system for mains electrical failures.

The Advantages of MIPS Systems in Medical Locations:

  • Enhanced Patient Safety: BPC's MIPS solutions utilise an IT system configuration, eliminating the neutral wire and disconnecting the earth. This significantly minimises the risk of electrical shocks, creating a safer environment for patients and staff.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Even a momentary power outage can disrupt critical medical procedures. MIPS systems provide uninterrupted power, ensuring the smooth operation of life-saving equipment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: BPC's MIPS solutions are designed and engineered in strict accordance with industry benchmarks such as the HTM 06-01-2017 standard and BS7671 18th edition, providing a robust electrical system that mitigates electrical medical risks and allows medical facilities to uphold the highest standards of care.
  • Reduced Risk of Breaker Tripping: Earth faults in traditional systems can trip breakers, causing power disruptions. MIPS systems minimise this risk, maintaining power flow for vital medical/healthcare equipment.

In a market characterised by its emphasis on patient safety and regulatory compliance, BPC Energy has established itself as a leader in innovative and reliable medical power solutions. Our MIPS solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards, offering unparalleled levels of safety and performance.

Medical Isolated Power Supply units

Key Features of BPC's Medical Isolated Power Supply Units

  • Transfer Relay: The MIPS system can be supplied by two different power sources. The transfer system allows for quick changeover between sources.
  • Insulation Monitor: The MIPS system is fitted with an insulation monitor and earth fault detection system.
  • Output Breakers: The output distribution can be ordered as 12, 18 or 24 way double pole MCB’s.
  • Input Source Indicators: Indicates input from independent sources.
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch: The MIPS system is provided with a rotary break before make Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS). The MBS allows the output to be connected to the ATS, or directly to the primary supply or the secondary supply, the switch also allows the output to be isolated OFF.
  • IP41 Construction: The MIPS cabinet is provided with IP41 dust filtration system at the bottom of the door with easily maintained filters.
  • Easy Installation: Top entry cable glands provide easy access to the terminals for all power, load and monitoring cable infrastructure.
  • Fault Detection System (FDS): Insulation fault detection device with integrated current transformers is used for detecting insulation faults in IT systems. Insulation faulty detection system consists of test device, control and indicator device, fault evaluator and current transformer.
  • Air Crrculation: Segregated fan assembly improves the overall efficiency of the system and advances independent component heat dissipation.
  • Transformer: BPC Medical Isolating Transformer is produced to comply with EN 61558-2-15 Standards for supplying critical loads. With a static screen placed between the primary and secondary windings is isolated from the fixed angle transformer core.

 BPC Energy goes beyond simply offering MIPS systems. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: BPC Energy is a comprehensive solution provider. Unlike traditional suppliers, we offer both uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and medical IPS solutions, which are often sought after in conjunction with each other in medical facilities. Simply put, BPC provides the complete package. From UPS to MIPS, we offer a holistic approach to power management, ensuring seamless integration and performance across the board.
  • Unmatched Value: Combining superior technology with competitive pricing, BPC offers exceptional value by eliminating the need for multiple suppliers, streamlining procurement processes and therefore, reducing operational costs.
  • Advanced Monitoring & Control: Our integrated monitoring and control systems provide real-time insights and alerts to facilitate proactive maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring optimal equipment performance.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand no two healthcare/medical facilities are identical. BPC offers customised MIPS solutions tailored to cater to specific needs and complexities, from small clinics to large hospitals. Recent projects have showcased our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that address specialised demands, including separate circuits and advanced insulation monitoring capabilities.

Summary of Our Newest Critical Isolated Power Supply Units for a Prominent Royal Infirmary Hospital in the United Kingdom

BPC Energy is proud to announce the successful supply of six critical Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) units to a leading Royal Infirmary hospital in the UK. These state-of-the-art units will be used in Group 2 medical applications, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance according to HTM 06-01-2017.

BPC's in-house team of engineers proudly manufactures these MIPS units in the UK, ensuring exceptional quality and control.

Pictured below are our engineers doing final tests on these life-saving units, proudly manufactured right here in our UK factory in Romsey, Hampshire.

BPC Energy Engineers Doing Final Tests on Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) units  BPC Energy Engineers Doing Final Tests on Medical Isolated Power Supply (MIPS) units

This project exemplifies BPC's dedication to providing healthcare facilities with the most reliable power solutions.

BPC Energy is committed to providing NHS trust hospitals and the medical/ healthcare industry with the most reliable power solutions. Invest in Patient Safety and Operational Excellence with BPC MIPS

By implementing BPC's Medical Isolated Power Supply solutions, healthcare facilities can prioritise patient safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

Ready to learn more? Contact BPC Energy today for a free consultation and discover how our MIPS systems can empower your healthcare facility to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

If you want to learn more about how an Uninterruptible Power Supply can benefit your business, get in touch with our experts for personalized guidance and solutions.


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