The Importance of Reliable Medical Life-Safety Equipment

Looking for the right uninterruptible power supply systems and power protection-related products for medical settings can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to make sure everything is suitable, but you also have to ensure it's compliant with regulations. Luckily, with the help of this blog, you can find the perfect solution to all your medical power-related needs.

Have you ever considered how a power outage in a hospital could lead to a complete disaster? Just imagine - critical medical equipment failing, surgeries getting disrupted, and patient lives being put at risk. It's a frightening thought, isn't it?

Unfortunately, this is an avoidable nightmare that hospitals cannot afford however, they can be mitigated by selecting the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This article aims to provide insights and guidance into the best practices for ensuring that hospitals are well-equipped to handle unexpected power outages. So, keep reading to learn more!

In medical settings, a reliable power supply is CRUCIAL for the continuous operation of life-safety systems. Medical facilities rely on critical equipment such as MRI scanners, life support machines, and other medical devices, to provide essential medical care to patients. Without a dependable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), there is a risk of power outages which can compromise patient care and safety.

In addition, power protection solutions for healthcare and medical facilities must adhere to strict rules and specifications in order to comply, which is why a reliable power supply is especially important when it comes to operating theatres and scanning equipment.

Ensuring a steady and safe power supply is a top priority for keeping patients and medical professionals safe.

BPC UPS and power protection products to support your critical medical applications:

When it comes to critical medical applications, having reliable power protection is essential. That's where BPC UPS and power protection products come in. Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, these products are built to provide an uninterrupted power supply to support your critical medical equipment and systems. Whether you're operating life-saving devices in a hospital or running diagnostic equipment in a clinic, BPC UPS and power protection products are designed to keep your operations running smoothly and safely.

Typical Applications

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Private Sector
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Long-term care facilities


Fortunately, BPC Energy takes pride in providing high-quality UPS systems specifically designed for medical life-safety systems. Our UPS and Medical IPS systems guarantee high reliability and provide battery backup, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted power supply, and keeping critical equipment operational, and patients safe even in the event of an outage. BPC Energy offers effective solutions in the design, production, and installation of equipment for medical locations (group 0,1 & 2) according to the HTM06 01 and International Standards IEC60364 7 710.

Our MIPS solutions can be tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements.

From small clinics to large hospitals, we have a range of options to choose from.


Not only do we provide Medical Isolated Power Supply systems which are often found in operating theatres and other Group 2 locations, we also provide Emergency Lighting Static Inverters. The PowerPro EL Static Inverter Systems are the ideal solution for providing emergency lighting in hospital/medical applications. The PowerPro EL100XA Static Inverter range is designed to meet all necessary European safety standards - BSEN50171, EN50272, BS5266, and ICEL 1009 standards - for use in hospital and medical settings. This ensures reliable and safe emergency lighting during critical situations.

Our services allow us to tailor each inverter to our client’s specific requirements. This means you get a customizable solution that meets your unique needs and specifications.

For instance, the PowerPro EL100XA Static Inverters have the significant advantage of being able to supply tightly regulated and controlled sinewave power to a wide range of normal functional or decorative mains luminaires as emergency fittings. This guarantees reliable performance when you need it most. Keep your emergency lighting running smoothly with this high-quality static inverter range.


Additionally, with new BS999 regulations now stating that lifts used for an evacuation are required by law to have their own independent backup supply, the EF300 LIFTS Uninterruptible Power Supply has become the ideal solution.

Our PowerPro EF300 Lift range is designed in accordance with BS09999 evacuation application standards, perfect for critical loads with regenerative feedback, as well as being an effective secondary power source solution for fire lifts. It is able to do so as it incorporates an intelligent braking system, using IGBT controllers to electronically absorb any regenerative back feed energy from the lift.

Supported applications include; operating theatres, clinical rooms, and evacuation lifts.


Our Static Transfer Switches ensure a transfer of power supply without interruption between two independent sources providing redundancy/ and the highest availability of the power supply to ensure continuous service to any critical load in order to meet IEC62310 standards.


Furthermore, all our PowerPro ranges of UPS systems can be connected to a Remote Monitoring Panel (RMP) that allows the possibility to monitor different parameters from the control panel of the UPS system. The monitoring panels are ideal for monitoring protection equipment within the healthcare facility, enabling full control of environmental conditions and medical devices.

Supported applications include; operating theatres and nursing stations.


All critical applications require battery backup for either a few minutes – to safely close down software & equipment, or longer – to keep equipment operating for long enough to meet longer runtimes and regulations.

This is where BPC's own branded batteries, the PowerStor Standby Battery Range comes in handy! BPC’s PowerStor products ensure a high-quality, maintenance-free, sealed energy storage battery solution.

The PowerStor PSL long life range is designed with a 12-year life for both high-performance medical and data centre applications. This makes it ideal for mission-critical applications that require a longer in-service life.

The PowerStor PSLIFR range has an incredible service life of up to 15 years in optimum float conditions with each cell featuring a flame-retardant case and lid as standard. These are also designed to meet BS6290 Part 4 standards.

We also provide battery solutions specifically designed to meet emergency lighting, EN50272 2 standards.

From hospitals to clinics to research laboratories, BPC UPS and power protection products are trusted by medical professionals around the world.

When it comes to the health and well-being of your patients, don't take any chances - choose BPC UPS and power protection products for reliable power support in your critical medical applications.


Medical Group Applications

When it comes to providing reliable and appropriate products for different medical group locations, there are several factors that need to be considered. Each medical group location has its own unique needs and requirements, so it is important to choose products that are specifically designed for those settings. This includes considering the types of services provided, the patient population, and any specialized equipment or technology that may be present. Once these factors have been identified, it is important to source products that meet the specific needs of each location, as well as sourcing from reputable and trusted suppliers who prioritize quality and adhere to industry standards.

Group 0:

Medical locations where there are no applied parts intended to be used, and where discontinuity (power supply failure) CANNOT cause danger to the life of patients. Put simply, where no treatment or diagnosis using medical electrical equipment is used. This would typically apply to areas such as consultation and examination rooms.

Group 0 Medical Locations

Recommended products for Group 0 applications:

Group 1:

Medical locations where the discontinuity of the electrical supply does not pose a threat to patients’ lives. In addition, applied parts are intended to be used;

a. Externally, or

b. Invasively to any part of the body, except where Group 2 applies.

Higher risk to hospital building services (Aircon, Heating, Hot Water, etc.) are typically covered by various applicable standards and legislative documentation. Any interruption of the electrical supply could compromise the whole hospital and the treatment or welfare of patients.

Group 1 Medical Locations Examples

Recommended products for Group 1 applications:

At BPC, our range of power protection and related products can provide the required resilience set out in the Health Technical Memorandum.

Group 2:

Medical location where applied parts are intended to be used, and where discontinuity (power failure) or the supply can cause danger to life in applications such as;

a. Intracardiac procedures, and

b. Vital treatment and surgical operations

Essentially, critical support for medical services where any power disruption can cause danger to patients’ lives. Both the quality and reliability of the electrical supply are crucial!

Group 2 Medical Locations Examples

Recommended products for Group 2 applications:

By ensuring the reliability and appropriateness of products for different medical group locations, healthcare providers can create a safe and effective environment for both patients and staff.

In conclusion, you can rest easy knowing that your patients are safe, and your equipment is operational no matter what thanks to BPC’s extensive range of UPS and power protection products suitable for critical medical applications.

We have been privileged to supply our range of UPS, MIPS, generators, and emergency lighting products to many of the largest NHS trusts and medical centres in the UK, Ireland, Africa, and the Middle East. Check Out our Medical Reference List:

Speak to one of our experts today (01794 521 200) and discover how we can keep your critical medical equipment operational, and patients safe, even in the event of an outage with our UPS and related power protection products and services!

If you want to learn more about how an Uninterruptible Power Supply can benefit your business, get in touch with our experts for personalized guidance and solutions.


The Importance of Reliable Medical Life-Safety Equipment

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