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Line Interactive UPS

650VA - 3kVA

The BPC PowerStar range of UPS will provide clean and reliable backup power to ensure continued data integrity and optimum file server performance under a wide range of mains conditions.

Our advanced power management and diagnostic software package PowerSmart is available, this will allow your IT Manager or System Integrator to remotely monitor and manage both the UPS and network server. 

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  • Microprocessor Based Design
  • Overload Protection
  • Built-in USB communication port
  • Compact design

Power Backup

The PowerStar UPS provides instantaneous automatic battery backup power during exceptional and potentially damaging mains conditions. During normal AC operation, the line interactive inverter works in reverse to efficiently charge the battery.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Smart AVR protection with built in boost & buck functions that correct voltage fluctuations over an extra wide 50% input range without using battery energy.

Smart RS232 Communication

PowerStar's intelligent micro-processor design provides SNMP ready, enhanced UPS monitoring and automatic shutdown capabilities for sophisticated computer applications.

  • Microprocessor based design
  • Fully intelligent line interactive
  • Extra wide automatic voltage regulation
  • Visual diagnostics for battery level and special status
  • Surge supression for data/telephone
  • Double protection for overload/short circuit
  • All in one button for self-test, alarm-reset and DC start
  • Smart RS232 communication port
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, SCO UNIX and DOS

Battery Replacement & Overload Indicator

SmartLoad circuitry continuously monitors the load and protects against prolonged overload conditions, preventing nuisance blowing of load fuses. The indicator also shows when a battery is under-performing.

Power Rating VA/Watts 650 / 360 850 / 480 1000 / 600 3000 / 1800
Nominal Voltage 230 Vac
Voltage Range 162 - 290 Vac
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Nominal Voltage 230 Vac
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Transfer Time Typical 2 - 6ms, max. 10ms
Overload Capability 110% +20% / -10% (shutdown after 5 minutes), 120% +20% / -10% (shutdown immediately)
Battery Type VRLA AGM Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free Batteries
Charging Current (max.) Approx. 1A
Charging Voltage 13.7 +0.5V
Operating Humidity 0 - 90% RH at 0 - 40 deg.C (non-condensing)
Acoustic Noise Level < 40dB @ 1 metre
Management Software Included
Dimensions (mm) WxDxH 100 x 287 x 142 146 x 350 x 160 150 x 495 x 250
Net Weight (kgs) 4.25 4.9 8 24.8

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